medial axis

medial axis
серединная ось (обработка изображений)

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  • Medial axis — An ellipse (red), its evolute (blue), and its medial axis (green). The symmetry set, a super set of the medial axis is the green and yellow curves. One bi tangent circle is shown. The medial axis of an object is the set of all points having more… …   Wikipedia

  • Medial (disambiguation) — Medial has several meanings: In mathematics, a medial is a set with a binary operation satisfying certain properties, see medial. In anatomy, a medial is an adjective describing structures near the midline of an animal, see anatomical terms of… …   Wikipedia

  • medial — [mē′dē əl] adj. [LL medialis < L medius, middle: see MID1] 1. of or in the middle; neither beginning nor ending; median 2. nearer the median plane or axis of a body or part 3. a) of an average or mean b) average; ordinary …   English World dictionary

  • Medial geniculate nucleus — Brain: Medial geniculate nucleus Thalamic nuclei: MNG = Midline nuclear group AN = Anterior nuclear group MD = Medial dorsal nucleus VNG = Ventral nuclear group VA = Ventral anterior nucleus VL = Ventr …   Wikipedia

  • Medial — The side of the body or body part that is nearer to the middle or center (median) of the body. For example, when referring to the knee, medial would mean the side of the knee that is closest to the other knee The opposite of medial is lateral. *… …   Medical dictionary

  • Axis (anatomy) — Bone: Axis (anatomy) Second cervical vertebra, or epistropheus, from above …   Wikipedia

  • medial — adjective Etymology: Late Latin medialis, from Latin medius Date: 1570 1. mean, average 2. a. being or occurring in the middle b. extending toward the middle; especially lying or extending toward the median axis of the body 3. situated between… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Os cunéiforme médial — Os cunéiforme Emplacement des os cunéïformes Cliquez sur l image pour l agrandir Les os cunéiformes sont présents dans la partie médiale du tarse distal du pied. Comme leur nom l indique, cunéiforme signifie « en forme de coins » (du… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • dorsoventral axis — (Subclass Copepoda): An imaginary line through the surface of the body opposite the limbs to the surface bearing the limbs; the terms lateral and medial often are used in place of dorsal and ventral in descriptions of appendages [Ferrari and… …   Crustacea glossary

  • reticular nuclei medial column — two groups of reticular nuclei of the brainstem, located symmetrically in the central parts of the two halves of the tegmentum; their neurons are often large, with long axons, and have dendrites and preterminal axons at right angles to the long… …   Medical dictionary

  • Topological skeleton — In shape analysis, skeleton (or topological skeleton) of a shape is a thin version of that shape that is equidistant to its boundaries. The skeleton usually emphasizes geometrical and topological properties of the shape, such as its connectivity …   Wikipedia

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